Wellbeing Event

In recent years companies have been paying more attention into developing a positive, creative and motivational workplace for staff, along with focusing on the wellbeing of their workforce. The results often transform a company, a happier, healthier, motivated team gives companies the competitive edge by often attracting the top employees in the sector which in turn enables a business to grow and develop.

There are so many ways you can bring wellbeing events to your workplace, whether it be just the morning or afternoon, a day or week! Here are just some of the ways we have previously brought a wellbeing focus into an office.

Smoothie bikes is one of the biggest hits, stationary bicycles that harness the cyclist pedalling energy to power a blender. Healthy fruit and juice go into the blender and the cyclist is rewarded with a nutritious drink. The result of this exercise is mood lifting, fun and increase in energy levels for the rest of the work day.

Another favourite is puppy therapy, who doesn’t love a visit from the cutest litter of puppies during office hours?! Science says interacting with animals reduces cortisol levels and has a positive effect on decreasing blood pressure. This is certainly one way to keep staff and office attitudes on top form!

Office yoga is also a great way to get colleagues to work out together! We can bring this straight to your office, with the guarantee of all staff leaving relaxed, refreshed and energised! Just like all of our activities we can do this in the morning, lunch time or evening, and can be adapted to any office environment.

For further wellbeing event ideas please contact one of our planners for more details.

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