The Use of Energising Activities at Conferences

If you are planning your next company conference, you may want to consider incorporating an energising activity. These activities can be a highly effective way of keeping everyone fully engaged, and will leave your delegates feeling fresh, alert and ready to receive the company messages being delivered. There is a wide range of activities to choose from including Drum Café, Spontaneous Poet, Catchbox, Yoga Stretch, Coffee Zones and Smoothie Bikes. Not only do these activities encourage enthusiasm, they also act as a way for delegates to build connections and interact with other individuals at the conference.

Seeking out the most suitable activity can take time, however, using Uptown Events will take this stress away as we have some great suggestions that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on delegates making your conference one to remember. Please find some more information on energising activity ideas below.

Drum Café

Drumming has been used for centuries to unite tribes. Now it’s time to use this at your next conference to unite, energise and motivate your delegates. Feel the energising effects of the drum circle throughout the day as guests are left feeling more motivated and connected. Adding an interactive drumming element will not only create sense of unity, but it is also really fun so delegates leave with a memorable impression of the day and a sense of having a great time!

Spontaneous poet

A spontaneous poet will take suggestions from the audience (any word, idea or concept) and then immediately recites a rhyming and understandable poem linking all that they have said. This is definitely an experience that will be remembered and talked about for a long time following the conference.


Kickstart conversation with Catchbox, a soft throwable microphone that increases audience engagement by encouraging greater interaction between them and the speaker. The unique fun-factor of catching and throwing breaks down barriers and allows people to feel more confident when sharing their ideas. Adding branding and colours to your Catchbox will also ensure a lasting impression.

Yoga stretch

Conference fatigue is a common problem for attendees who sit for long periods of time. Muscles tighten, posture becomes slouched and energy levels plummet as the day wears on. As an event organiser, it is essential you keep attendees energised so they are able to absorb as much information as possible. Yoga, is a fun and enjoyable way to boost energy levels whilst remaining sweat free. So make your next event memorable, and ensure your attendees are focused and stimulated throughout.

Coffee zones

Providing delegates with refreshments is an essential part of hosting a conference. Caffeine can help improve the concentration of delegates helping them to retain information, so coffee zones are a great solution. Mobile coffee bars include professionally trained baristas, as well as all stock and condiments. Branding opportunities are limitless, for example branded bars, cappuccino stencils, branded coffee cups, menus and aprons. Provide great coffee and ensure delegates are productive, focused and alert.

Smoothie bike

Smoothie bikes have quickly become a popular energising activity used at conferences. They are stationary bicycles that harness the cyclists pedalling energy to mechanically power a blender filled with fruit and juice. The cyclist is then rewarded with a healthy, nutritious drink. This kind of dynamic activity can help break the ice and keeps everyone refreshed and smiling. Bikes can also be branded, which also helps attract the crowds and create brand awareness. Energise your next event and get delegates moving, smiling and interacting.

Incorporate an energising activity at your next conference, whether it’s at the start of the day as an ice breaker, the middle of the day as a refreshing break, and ensure attendees leave with a positive company impression.

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