Virtual Christmas Parties

This year, many people have said Christmas is cancelled, but it DEFINITELY IS NOT! Yes, the traditional Christmas party where everyone piles down to a stunning hotel in London, listens to the CEO, has a fantastic dinner and then dances the night away to the usual Christmas classics may not be happening, but that doesn’t mean nothing will.
Uptown Events have created the Virtual Christmas Party – Live from your own home!

All parties will be totally unique to your company and we have created a number of different types of fun activities, some that are interactive, others to watch and enjoy, but all are real fun. The idea is to create your own bespoke party. Your Virtual Christmas Party can have dancing, can have drinking and if you want, can also have that speech from the CEO! At Uptown Events, we totally feel that the Christmas party is more important than ever this year, with so many people working from home and many industries having had disruption, now is the time to let your hair down and help boost the morale of your loyal team.

We would like to tell you about some of the fantastic ideas that we have created for you to tailor-make your event.

Live Shows

Drag Bingo

The Globe Girls, a captivating collection of drag artists, will entertain you with dance routines, bingo and prizes for the winners. It’s mixture of cheesy entertainment and sophisticated humour will definitely get the atmosphere going.

Virtual Karaoke Party

Our energetic host will create a karaoke party night that can be themed to your exact requirement with amazing props, graphics and, of course, hit songs. We will get everyone on their feet in their homes, dancing and singing with fun quizzes and encouraging everyone to get involved and connect with their colleagues.

If karaoke isn’t your thing, our host could create a Winter Wonderland evening with a musical performance and those who want to get involved will, thrown in with some funny Christmas themed trivia. Or if it’s a movie quiz night, our host will make sure your champagne glasses are filled up for our movie night immersive game, including clips and theme songs. Guests will be asked to sing their answers and extra points will be given for great dancers and the amount of popcorn consumed! Get ready for some Saturday Night Fever as today will not be a Groundhog Day! Or if your colleagues like a bit of clubbing, you can pack your bags and come to Ibiza for our Ibiza Party Night, with Ibiza themed games, live vocals and cocktails by the pool.

Mind Reading Show

As part of your Virtual Christmas Party, you can watch and be wowed by our amazing mind-reader and mentalist. You’ll definitely leave guessing how this has been done. Our mind-reader who has travelled round the world doing his show, has now travelled round the world virtually. Each show can be personalised for you and people will be picked out from your group and their minds read.

Virtual Pantomime

This year, the traditional pantomime will be brought to your home. Using multiple cameras, the audience will be able to share every gasp and laugh at every dramatic moment. Guests can take part in the show which can also be personalised or written for your company. All actors will be live on stage and there will be all the traditional silliness and wow moments. This show can be added together with any of our other entertainment options, and with the CEO speech, this will create a memorable night.

Interactive Activities

Christmas Cocktail Master Class

Our Christmas cocktail masterclass is one of our most popular activities which we have been holding throughout lockdown. All those delicious cocktails that you have tasted over the years, you’ll now have the chance to make them in your own home. Our master mixologist will guide you and entertain you. Each person will receive their cocktail making kit the day before your event so you’ll have everything you need to learn to be the next Tom Cruise. Our cocktail boxes can match various budgets. If you wanted your cocktail shakers to be branded and everything personalised, it will make it something you will want to keep. This activity has work really well with speeches from senior members of the team in between cocktails which help to both motivate and amuse the team. After the event, we can send you a link to a copy of the event.

virtual coctail masterclass

Around the World in 80 minutes

We have created a mixture of interactive activities, some of which are more with the use of computers and joining in with our host online. Our Christmas edition of Around the World in 80 Minutes is our most popular. You will help Santa and his elves with their journey around the world. You will work together in teams and understand the traditions of Christmas while completing fun challenges along the way. Prizes for the first team back to the North Pole and you’ll become Santa’s official elves!

Christmas Musical Bingo

It’s the perfect festive activity to get all your team together and create the festive spirit. You’ll be welcomed by your Bingo Host with a bubbly personality to keep the atmosphere going. You’ll be divided into teams and in your break-out rooms will need to solve various problems. Once again, the best team will get a prize. This activity could fit nicely with some of the other activities we provide.

Gingerbread Creations

Christmas isn’t the same without the creation of your very own Gingerbread House. You would join our host in his Grotto, and he’ll make sure he brings out the creative side in you. Kits will be posted to you in advance, so you’ll have everything you need: flat-packed slabs, cake-boards and royal icing. This is a really fun activity but will also teach you the techniques of gingerbread making. At the end, of course there will be a winner. Guests can present their creations and our host will pick a winner.

Virtual 12 Days of Christmas

Going back to your childhood, this activity will have you singing along and getting into the Christmas vibe. There will be challenges relating to each of the 12 Days of Christmas. You’ll need to be creative and, more importantly, the wackier the better if you want to impress the judges. Again, you will be split into teams and you’ll have your own break-out room to discuss your strategy.

Virtual Bake Off

After the huge success of The Great British Bake Off, everyone thinks they can bake a cake – but it’s not so easy for everyone! Our head baker will host your event and guide you through making your own fabulous creation. You will have a box of ingredients delivered to you before the day so you’ll just need to roll up your sleeves and put on your apron, and of course, there will be a winner! This activity runs for 2 hours and hopefully at the end you will get to sample a really tasty cake!

Virtual Escape Room

This very popular activity combines an interactive app with conferencing software bringing you the latest in collaborative virtual teambuilding. This is another activity which will put you in teams where you’ll have to solve problems in order to escape the virtual rooms. There will be cryptic clues and evidence to look at and no doubt, a few red herrings to put you off the scent. Our event manager will give you a full briefing at the start and you will work through a number of clues throughout the room keeping teams engaged throughout the task. This activity is suitable for 20-200 people.

Virtual Festive Quest

This is another activity combining an interactive app with video conferencing software. It will be a complete mix of festive themed trivia challenges and fun tasks. People can participate from the office or home or even in person. Team strategy will be very important and to win the game it’s all about scoring as many points as possible. No doubt, there will be singing and laughter making sure everyone gets into the festive spirit.

Virtual Jolly Jumpers

This year may not be a year where people come into the office with their crazy Christmas jumpers. Therefore, we will be bringing it to you online this year. Special kits will be posted out in advance of the event containing everything you will need. The name of the game is to create the best jumper. You’ll need to create and design your own jumper with the help of fabric paints, brushes, sewing kits, sequins, pipe-cleaners and pompoms. At the end of the challenge there will be time for your first ever fashion show. The winner could be the best or the worst!

If you want further information on any of our live shows or interactive parties, these can be mixed with speeches with senior members of your team. In many cases, companies will combine 2 activities and Uptown Events will manage all the technology so all you will have to do is turn up and be ready to party!

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