Virtual Charity Events

At Uptown, we have been working closely with our charity clients to assist them in the planning of their events due to the Government restrictions at this time.

Many charities hold a variety of events, ranging from briefings to large fundraising dinners. We understand the needs of our clients to ensure the events are slick, run to time and raise the much needed funds for their charity.

There are going to be occasions now when bringing people together is not possible but this does not mean your event has to be postponed or cancelled.

Due to the incredible technology available we have the solution for our charity clients.

Virtual Studio

We have built a virtual events studio in our warehouse which can be used as the backdrop for the main stage. Alternatively, we can build a studio at your office or other preferred location for the event.

Video conferencing for your Virtual Events

Most people are familiar now with Zoom and many are already using this to connect supporters. However, there are numerous features of these platforms including ways to make the look and feel of the event more professional and streamlined. By adding a technician to your event, even a simple charity fundraising event can become slick and more enjoyable for the charities supporters, with the hope that this will in turn lead to more donations to the charity.

There are also many other virtual platforms such as Hopin and StreamYard which we are familiar with which are more suitable for larger events with many other features for guests.

Video conferencing allows us to have presenters ‘live at the event studio’ who are also be able to interact with other presenters not physically there. In a recent event for a charity client, we had 2 presenters sitting at a social distance who were able to interact with each other, at the same time a third presenter was at home. All three presenters were linked together on screen. We also made a pre-recorded video for this client which was shown during the event. A number of the charity’s supporters were watching the event live at their homes and were able to ask questions to the presenters via the chat function.

We are also able to live stream events to public platforms such as a YouTube channel or Facebook page. Alternatively, we can live stream the event to a private network or website, if required.

A number of our charity clients now are wanting their whole event to be pre-recorded – this will ensure the event completely runs to time but this is shown as if it were live. Think of it as watching a program on TV!

We can also do a simulive event. The word may sound made up, but it is actually an amalgamation of a pre-recorded webinar and a live interaction (simulated+live = simulive). This means we can record a video in advance of the webinar broadcast date, while still being able to interact with the audiences live on the day. We can add live interactive features, for example, if you want guests to be able to send pictures or tweets during the event as this can be mixed into the video to give the impression it is live. All speeches and graphics would be pre-recorded and mixed together as well.

We have produced virtual events for the following charities:

British Friends of ALEH, Cook live event

Office of the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Conference July and September

Office of the Chief Rabbi, Neshama Event, costings of 4 virtual events running simultaneously

Grief Encounter, Cook live event

JAMI, Covid 19 Briefing

Norwood – Distressed Investing Event

Norwood – 5 part series for Young Norwood of Industry speakers

ORT – Jump Awards

ORT – Virtual school presentation

We also have a number of events booked coming up for other charities including awards dinners, fundraising entertainment evenings and carol concerts.

We have a great deal of experience at Uptown with working for charities and ensuring the events are within budget and also professionally delivered. In addition in the virtual world, we can advise on the best platform to host the event. A recent event for Norwood, we created a bespoke website and we streamed the event live to the site. The bespoke website ensured that Norwood had full control of the branding and the features of the website.

Website design and hosting was all managed and created in house at Uptown Events. In addition, all our filming and editing is carried out by our in house team.

We have been fortunate to work with a large number of charities during the period since Covid 19 and are proud to be supporting their events.

Please contract us for more information should you be planning a charity event.

If you are looking to see what the possibilities are for your next event please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss how we could work with you.

Adam Phillips