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Double Tree - Barmitzvah

Four Seasons - Barmitzvah

Kimpton - Batmitzvah

Kinloss - Barmitzvah

Kinloss - Batmitzvah


Langham - Barmitzvah

Langham - Barmitzvah

Langham - Barmitzvah

Langham – Barmitzvah

Marquee - Barmitzvah

Marquee - Barmitzvah

Marquee - B'nei Mitzvah

Montcalm - Batmitzvah

N20 - Batmitzvah

Nobu - Barmitzvah

Nobu - Barmitzvah

Nobu - B'nei Mitzvah

Quaglino's - Barmitzvah

Renaissance - Barmitzvah

Renaissance - Batmitzvah

Rowley Barn

The Grove - Barmitzvah

The Grove - Barmitzvah

The Grove - Barmitzvah

The Londoner - Barmtizvah

The Londoner - Batmitzvah

The Shire - Barmitzvah

The Sorting Office - Barmitzvah

Wembley Stadium - Barmitzvah

Alien Invasion at the Savoy Hotel

Girly Batmitzvah at the Avenue

New York Theming at the St. Pancras Renaissance

Pretty in Pink at the Langham

Olivers Name in lights at the Langham

LED Screen Stage Set at the St Pancras Renaissance

Atmospheric Barmitzvah at the Grove

Photoshoot backdrop at the Langham

Barmitzvah at The Grove

If you are looking ahead to an upcoming barmitzvah or batmitzvah and want to set the scene for an exceptional celebration, Uptown Events is here to help. Whatever grand ambitions you have for your upcoming barmitzvah or batmitzvah, our Barmitzvah planning team will help to bring your bold ideas to life in the most fun, sophisticated and elegant way possible.

At Uptown Events, we know full well just how important a barmitzvah or batmitzvah is for all of those personally involved. This is why we’ve curated a list of London’s finest barmitzvah and batmitzvah venues and most dependable suppliers for your consideration. So, sit back with full confidence knowing that our experienced team will go above and beyond to ensure your every need is catered for during this special celebration.

Choose from a unique range of barmitzvah and batmitzvah venues

Thanks to our extensive experience in event planning, our team has access to the most exceptional venues in London. This means you have a choice of the finest barmitzvah and batmitzvahvenues out there, whether you demand a historic venue, modern setting, marquee, or something more unique like a museum. But, in addition to sourcing a venue, our team can collaborate leading suppliers to provide your barmitzvah or batmitzvah with the kind of exciting flair you are looking for.

But, to ensure your barmitzvah or batmitzvah is a roaring success long into the night, our team will carefully match you with the suppliers that best suit your financial circumstances. We know how important the right entertainment can be in taking a celebration to the next level, so we’re sure our passion for events and breadth of experience will help design a truly a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Talk to our barmitzvah and batmitzvah planning team today

No matter how prepared you may be, our barmitzvah and batmitzvah planning team is here to help you today. Simply contact us now and let’s begin planning your big event today.