Uptown Virtual Events

Uptown Virtual Events

Uptown Events has been working on corporate events for over 20 years. We have a large client base including a number of very large global companies who we have supported for their events throughout the UK and globally.

We are trusted with our clients to manage their events and have changed our business due to Covid-19 in order to continue to support our clients virtually.

Uptown Events owns a large amount of AV equipment and has invested in more production since March 2020 in order to support the new requirements of the virtual events. We have also invested a large amount of time to understand the range of platforms available and what the limitations are for each. We are familiar with a variety of platforms after having produced a wide range of virtual events for our clients. We have the experience to recommend the right platform for each event we are involved with.

The Uptown Events studio is available for us to stream our live events. This is fully equipped with the lighting and sound as well as the streaming equipment. A similar studio could also be set in our clients’ offices or homes should this be required. We have a very experienced technical team who have worked on many virtual events even before Covid-19 changed the world!

We work with vMix which is a complete live video production software solution with features including LIVE mixing, switching, recording and LIVE streaming of SD, full HD and 4K video sources including cameras, video files, DVDs, images, PowerPoint and much, much more. This allows us to bring in a number of presenters for an event and output them to the chosen webinar or streaming platform.

Due to client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, we are unable to share content from our corporate virtual events, however as an example the range of events that we have produced throughout lockdown have included the following:

Large global pharmaceutical company – a number of 1 hour webinars (WorkCast Platform)

Private Equity company – AGM (Concise Platform)

Medical conference – full management of the content stream and speakers (Hopin platform)

Virtual hackathon – 2 days – the platform chosen needed to support numerous breakout rooms and specific requirements for the hack event. We had a bespoke solution for this event. If you are planning a hackathon style event please do contact us for more information.

A large number of smaller meetings where Uptown Events has produced the content, managed speakers and the live stream – this has been a mixture of pre-recorded and live events – streamed to various platforms including YouTube live, Vimeo Live, Skype Business, Zoom and Microsoft teams.

Our Virtual Event Services

For a number of our clients these have been the requirements from us:

Planning meeting for the event

Management of the technical content for the event to produce a technical running order

Management of the speakers to include a test with each speaker before the event to eliminate any potential technical issues

Management of the stream for the event

Management of attendee registration – We would build a custom registration form to capture the required information. As part of the registration form, you can ask

Attendees to submit any questions they may have for the presenters and so questions could be answered within the pre-recorded video which would appear to be live.

Help desk/hotline for assistance logging in on the day from an Uptown team member

Post event editing so the event can be saved as chapters for easy reviewing post event

There are a number of additions to the services and platforms which can be discussed in more details. Such as:

Translation and/or subtitles throughout the event

Content creation – we are able to assist with video production and PowerPoint design should this be required.

Gifts / branded merchandise / snack packs to be sent to attendees in advance

Event branding such as lecterns and backdrops for our studio set up

Furniture specific to event requirements can be sourced for studio set up

Are you ready to plan your next Virtual Event?

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Adam Phillips