Theming with Lights at the May Fair

The Venue
The May Fair Hotel, Crystal Room

The Brief
To create something different to the client’s previous event at the same venue in the same room. As the event fell during the festival of Chanukkah, we were asked to bring this in to the design of the party.

The Party
We wanted to bring in the theme from both the religious aspect and the broader theme of being the festival of light. We brought the religious element in by building a bespoke menorah to do a candle lighting with guests just before the end of reception. The Menorah measured just under 6ft high and incorporated the logo from the invitation with the Barmitzvah boy’s name to personalise it to him. Guests gathered round and lit the candles, which created a lovely atmosphere from the start.

Guests were then asked to make their way downstairs to the Crystal Room. While they were upstairs, we filled the room with low fog for dramatic effect. We put a huge amount of lighting in the room and installed a 6-metre-wide LED screen behind the stage which was used to show videos during speeches and club visuals during the dancing. Once guests had settled into the room and found their places, we blacked out all the lighting and a duo laser violin show started to kick off the party in style ahead of the Barmitzvah boy’s entrance.

Throughout the rest of the evening entertainment included casino tables, a photo booth, tattoo artists and a football freestyler to keep both the kids and adults busy. A final treat for everyone (and linking back to the Chanukah theme) was a giant LED donut wall with over 100 Kripsy Kreme donuts hung on it in addition to dessert! The dance floor was kept busy all night with Uptown DJ Bradley who was accompanied by fantastic singer Kevin, a percussionist and saxophonist.