The Chronicles of Narnia install

The Brief
We were asked by the client to transform their offices into a replica of Narnia’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The key to the brief was to create a space where guests could forget they were in their everyday office environment.

The Event
Guests entered the event by walking through a wardrobe, unbeknown by them, that the magical world of Narnia awaited them. A lion, twinkling trees and a snow-covered walkway began the guests journey of the event. Atmospheric lighting created a cold winter feel at the beginning of the journey, through into the party room this softened to create a perfect party vibe. Various entertainment was on offer at the event, with the hot chocolate fountain proving to be the favorite.

How We Added Value
Our creative team designed every inch of the space, generated visuals and subsequently sourced every prop, light and entertainment that transformed this venue.