Tech Village install at Olympia

The Brief
The brief was to create a tech ‘village’ within the exhibition space at London Olympia. The space would be visited by thousands of exhibition goers during the one day exhibition and needed to provide both demo areas as well as social networking spaces.

The Solution
To create the village concept we divided the large space up into 6 sections, the four outer sections provided demo areas for various tech products. Each demo area came equipped with a demo display surface, LED screen, a seating area for networking discussions and of course power sockets.

The two inner sections became a welcome desk, a central sociable / chillout area and a laptop pod for exhibition goers to use as they wish.

Each demo area was fully branded to each products requirements, with the sociable chillout area having relaxed, tiered bench seating with branded cushions and a central giant 3D logo mounted in the center of the stage.

This complex project, which our team put together in only one month, had various limitations that we needed to consider at the design stage. These included very tight time constraints for the set up, with just one day to build a whole village we needed to consider what could be achieved in this time but also work with the clients vision as much as possible. In addition in order to ensure that power sockets were supplied to each demo area we had to carefully plan the laying of the electrics, then adding sub-flooring and finally the carpet, before the build of the village could begin.