Mamma Mia! The Party Touring Competition with Frank PR and Clas Ohlson

The Brief
Frank PR worked in collaboration with Mamma Mia! and Clas Ohlson to promote the opening of Mamma Mia! The Party at the O2. They came to us with the idea of a promotion which was to be active at three key locations across the south east, the promotion was to provide a competition element so that participants could win free tickets to the new experience.

The Solution
The competition was devised in the Greek theme of Mamma Mia! the competition was that of plate smashing! Hundreds of branded eco-friendly plaster plates were made, some of which had a pair of winning tickets inside them. Participants would step inside the ‘taverna’, put on the safety equipment and smash a plate of their choice.

The setting for the promotion was slimmed down to three UK sites, The Oracle in Reading, Brent Cross in North London and a pop-up events space in Central London.
We designed and installed a fully immersive Greek taverna for each location, the taverna and surrounding area was fully branded to attract participants and promote the new experience.

The taverna came complete with distressed effect walls, vines and flowers, tiled flooring, beams and the famous Mamma Mia! doorway. The plates were stored on branded roller storage shelves.

The design of the taverna and surrounding elements was developmental as the same structure was to be used at all three sites and therefore it needed to meet with the required guidelines and varying measurements of all three pop-up locations, one of which was an outside space.

The logistical element to the pop-ups was complex, with various health and safety documents to complete and follow at each site, along with access restrictions for the set up and de-rig and rubbish collection.

The competition and promotion was a huge success and created a lot of media attention, with the promotion featured in the ‘Top 10 things to do in London’ Time Out list.