Lipsy X Mary Katranzou

The Brief

To plan a clothing collaboration launch party for a fashion retailer. The end goal was to transform a venue space which included branding, photo opportunities and lots of flowers!

The launch was between a high end fashion designer and high street store retailer. We worked together alongside our clients to decide on a theme that would make the vision become a reality.

The Venue

Isabel Mayfair

The Solution

Our clients provided us with some sketches and inspo that they had found online for a vision that they wanted to create – at this point, it was time to get creative and make some digital mock-ups!

We designed and built a large Instagram corner with the main feature being a swing that people could sit on and take pictures. The design of the backdrop was inspired by Mary Katranzou’s pieces and her prints.

The Party

From the moment that guests walked into the party, the theme and branding had a huge impact – essentially bringing the clothing collection to life.

Down to the smallest details of this event, everything was tied together from the flowers, to the photo opportunity, to the cocktails on show and the branding throughout the venue.

Overall – this party was an amazing success and we have had great feedback.