Creative install at the new Facebook offices


Design and installation of three creatively themed corridors and a theatreland photo op area in the new offices.

The designs were to combine both employee ideas with our own creativity, they were to be fully immersive and impactful to the eye. The ‘alleys’ were to be used as quiet, time out areas to be able to take calls or have relaxed informal chats.

This project was a little different in that the installs were to be permanent, rather than a pop-up. Uptown Events designed and project managed the installs and the detailed styling of the corridors.


The collaboration of employee ideas and our design work led to the creation of the following ‘alleys’ Notting Hill, The Shaftesbury pub and Soho Pride.

We transformed each corridor in its entirety with the aim for employees to be completely immersed in the space, feeling as though they were in that area of London. Each design was based on a bespoke wooden structure which was built out from the wall, this was then painted and used as a base to develop the theme and creative styling. Theme incorporated vinyl flooring was installed on each floor along with the installation of lanterns, neon’s, plants and various styling props.

Our personal favourite is the Notting Hill alley, this incorporates the typical colourful doorways of Portobello Road, cobbled vinyl flooring, trailing pink blossom on trellis and a beautiful blue bike carrying a bouquet of flowers. Each of the five front doors has intricate detail, from unique letter boxes, door handles, knockers, down to individual door number. The iron railings separating the front doors were built out to incorporate flowers and blossom. White patio furniture provides seating areas for those informal chats or relaxing in the surroundings of Notting Hill.

The next alley is the Shaftesbury pub, complete with a detailed pub frontage, brick vinyl flooring, chalk board menus, plaque, lanterns, hanging baskets. The look was complete with large beer barrel tables and wooden stools to provide seating areas.

The final alley is Soho Pride, this design of a typical Soho street pulls various elements from Soho. A Chinese restaurant, whiskey store, pride themed postbox and a wall displaying layers of old theatre posters and newspaper cuttings are all incorporated in this alley. A bright and energetic alley, full of details which include Chinese lanterns, restaurant menu, pride flags and a window display of various types of whiskey.

Lastly, as the new office is in the heart of theatreland the photo op installation had to encompass that. Installed on the top floor is a dramatic theatre stage photo op, complete with rustic theatre staging, a backstage theatre scene, thick red velvet curtains and a custom ‘facebook presents’ neon sign. To ensure the stage area fitted in with the rest of its surroundings we extended the scene to include a ‘stage door’ which has vac form brickwork and copper work piping.