Christmas in New York

The Brief
Our client came to us with the brief of turning their in-house event spaces into ‘Christmas in New York’. They wanted guests to be immersed within New York and feel as though they were walking within Times Square, a toy store or even Central Park. Entertainment was also a key factor for this event, the client  wanted guests to be thrilled and entertained throughout the evening.  Our team were excited to create the perfect mini New York.

The Solution
Our creative team put together various visuals pulling on inspiration from both personal experiences of trips to New York but also from the exuberant Christmas decorations you see in the shop windows along Fifth Avenue and in the movies.

As guests came down the escalator into the entrance walkway they were greeted with two giant nutcrackers and a long snowy walkway, decorated with huge LED lit trees, lit reindeers and penguins, giant Christmas crackers and giant presents prop. Finally at the end of the walkway guests were surprised by a living Statue of Liberty.

There were four rooms for the event, each room having a different purpose and feel. The main room was themed as Central Park, with a huge printed backdrop of the park, park tables and benches for furniture and a large white dancefloor with a shimmering effect taking center stage, instead of an ice rink! Hanging from the ceiling were atmospheric lit stars and spheres.

Two rooms leading off from the main room compromised of food stalls, where guests could enjoy pizza slices, cobb salad and hot dogs from the cart. A chill out room included the cocktail bar and a very impressive American style dessert station. All food stalls were sign posted with bespoke neon signs, while all aspects of the rooms visually worked around the theme of the night.

Finally the games room including old school arcade games, a selfie mirror and some chill out furniture provided an area for those who wanted a break from dancing to the band.

How We Added Value
The Uptown team worked tirelessly on creating visuals for each room and area of the event spaces, the creative ideas were then brought to life through the teams expect eye for sourcing the numerous items required. The onsite delivery and set up schedule was closely managed by the team to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process.