Bollywood Birthday Party

The Venue


The Brief

To create a fun, colourful and extravagant 50thbirthday party – Bollywood themed!

The Party

This event welcomed our ability to go that extra step further with regards to theming. The first feature bringing this to life was certainly hard to miss. A life-size, blow up elephant greeted guests as they entered reception, while aromatic smells filled the room and tattoo artists decorated each guest with beautiful silver and gold henna tattoo’s – all setting the tone for a fantastic ‘Bollywood’ filled evening.

The main room was filled with brightly coloured balloon’s/balloon arches, drapes across and hanging from the ceiling to create a lower ceiling for more atmosphere and an eye-catching colourful backdrop. Guests were greeted through by a Bollywood dance performance and traditional music. All of this was followed by a traditional food buffet and later a lesson from the Bollywood dancers.

The overall look of the room was extremely fun and fascinating to look at and take everything in. Guests reaction on entering was amazing and it really got everyone into the spirit of the theme. The party continued with non-stop dancing and was a fantastic and memorable night had by all.