Birthday - The Grove

As guests arrived into the 300 acres of Hertfordshire Countryside, the stunning Grove Hotel, they were greeted by roaming live musicians along with some ‘suited for summer’ food and beverage to celebrate a very special 50th Birthday.

After the reception had finished, it was time to call to dinner where guests made their way into the stunning transformed Amber Suite to take their seats where 4 live violinists were positioned up on podiums greeting them. All tables were named after fashion brands where both men and women were treated with either Jo Malone candles or a bottle of Tom Ford aftershave. The table centres were white blossom tree’s with candles surrounding them, really carrying on the summer affect into the ballroom.

Whilst the guests were enjoying their 3 course dinner, on the other side of the draping was a completely different look, bringing the full ‘party’ affect just only on the other side of the ballroom without anyone knowing. Following on from dinner, the draping came up where guests gathered onto the dancefloor to let the proper party begin. The band were in full swing with the shots starting to be poured, dessert canapes served and the slippers were then a great addition so people can take their shoes off which is always a great sign!

All guests were given a ‘goody bag’ with the perfect snacks and refreshments for them to enjoy on their way home finishing the evening in the perfect way.