Flip Book Photo Booths in London – The Latest Events Craze

If you’ve been having a think about how you’re going to make your next event one that your guests won’t forget, flip books are the answer you’ve been looking for. Blending the latest in photo technology with a healthy dose of art, flips book photo booths in London is the newest experience to sweep through the events world.

At Uptown Events, our team is always leading the way forward thanks to our love of adopting the very best in events technology. So, please read on to learn more about how flip books can transform your event and provide your guests with a truly unforgettable memory.

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What exactly is a flip book?

Flip book technology turns short, 7-second video clips into breath-taking flip books for your guests to enjoy. Guests simply into our slick photo booth before our high-quality cameras work their magic. After recording is over, our printers will have each stunning flip book ready for collection in just 90 seconds. All we’d recommend is that you encourage your guests to be as animated as possible because that’s the secret to a really memorable flip book.

Why choose a flip book for your event?

Flip books are ideal for any event –

The best kind of event experience is one that doesn’t alienate guests and brings everyone together. Thankfully, flip books provide you with a hugely versatile entertainment option for that’s suitable for corporate and private events of any kind. Additionally, no matter where you’re planning on hosting your event, the experienced lighting teams we work with can easily adapt the flip booth for day or night events.

Amaze your guests with something unique –

While there’s nothing stopping your guests taking their own videos and photos, they’ll always remain firmly in the digital space. With our party booth photo hire, you’ll be able to provide your guests with a unique and personalised physical memory they can take home with them after the event.

Up to 60 flip books per hour –

By utilising the very best in printing technology, our party booth photo hire can deliver up to 60 beautiful flip books per hour. This allows your attendees to get as creative as they possibly can be with each and every single flip book we film and create.

Personalise your flip books –

Thanks to green screen technology, bespoke covers, branded walls, and props we’re able to offer stunning and bespoke flip books to match your aesthetic preferences. Simply talk to our team ahead of time and we’ll work with you to create a beautifully unique flip book that matches your theme, event or brand.

How does flip book party booth photo hire work?

With party booth photo hire, Uptown Events is here to help. We’ll connect you to one of our leading flip book partners from London or around the UK, so you’ll able to add that charm to your event no matter where you are.

If you’d like our help to find a photo booth in London or for any enquiries about how our experienced team can help elevate your event to new heights, please contact us now.

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