5 of the Best Summer Event Themes for 2018

With summer event planning just around the corner, hosts across the UK are looking for ways to impress their guests by doing something a little different. So, think of your venue as a blank canvas and brainstorm how your summer event ideas could come together in the space you have in mind. You’ll be surprised just how much you can achieve with a little creativity and some elbow grease.

But, before you get that far ahead, we’ve listed 5 of the best summer event themes to give you some inspiration ahead of the coming months. Or, if you feel like you need some help from our experienced team to get your summer event planning underway ahead of time, please contact us now.

1) Bring that laid-back beach feel to your summer event

The sunshine is something that all Brits love, given our lack of it most of the year. So, why not bring a tropical beach straight to your event and create a real buzz from the get go? Imagine tall palms, decks chairs, wooden cocktail shacks, tiki torches, steel band musicians, and the occasional Hawaiian shirt too.

2) How about your very own carnival?

Carnivals offer some of the most exciting and colourful opportunities when it comes to summer event themes. While there are many different carnivals from around the world for you to take inspiration from, the Brazilian Carnival is one of the best. From delicious fruit and Cachaça-based Caipirinhas to Brazilian barbeque, exotic costumes, and captivating Samba dancers, what’s not to love?

3) Cuban-themed events offer so many opportunities

Cuba is home to a rich culture that’s simply impossible not to fall in love with. Havana is an obvious choice for a summer event theme and Cuban Big Band music, fresh Mojitos, classic American cars, delicious Ropa Viejo, and timeless Cuban clothing immediately comes to mind. And, that’s not even including all the unique possibilities you’ll have for décor at your Cuban-themed summer event.

4) Go wild with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party should be about oddities and the unusual, which gives you a lengthy amount of leeway when it comes to your ideas. We’d suggest taking your cues straight from Alice in Wonderland, with everything from giant decorations and a chessboard dancefloor to cosplay actors and a very unusual novelty menu. This has to be one of the most exciting and flexible summer event themes for you to base your ideas around.

5) Keep it classic with a masquerade ball

If there’s one thing that never gets old for guests at a summer event, it’s a well-planned, well-decorated masquerade ball. Welcome your masked guests with a glass or two of bubbly before having them tuck into a 3-course fine dining experience in their lavishly decorated surroundings. After this, you could let your guests enjoy free drinks, the sound of a string band, and open up the dancefloor as you move later into the night.

Summer event planning is hard work but that doesn’t mean you can’t realise your wildest ambitions and guarantee your next event is a huge success. At Uptown Events, our team knows how to get creative with summer event ideas and we take every little detail into account during the planning process. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about the summer event ideas you’ve been thinking about for 2018, simply contact us now.

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